Today is Yom Halloween!!!


Hello my darlings,

If you thought that crazy wind we had earlier this week was scary enough, we have Halloween to compete with tonight. And technically we shouldn’t even been celebrating, it’s a non-Jewish holiday. But it’s hard to resist, especially with all the free sweets, the decorations and the fact that Frankenstein was probably Jewish.

Look, Halloween is a stressful time for a Jewish Mother

Think about it. I have all these guests who plan to show up uninvited, I don’t know what time they’re coming, how many people, what their dietary requirements are – it’s a logistical nightmare! It’s almost as bad as having the in-laws over …. almost.

The whole gantza megillah of Halloween doesn’t even make sense to me! The idea of knocking on someone’s door and giving you sweets in return – it makes absolutely no sense!

How many sweets do I buy?

I never know what sweets to buy for the trick or treaters and how many. The door opens, the neighbour’s kids appear dressed as superheroes and my husband yells: “Just give them the rubbish we have in the cupboard.”

I pray that they don’t hear but let’s be real – all the Halloween sweets are leftovers from something else and we’ve all got chocolates that have sat in our cupboard for years on end.

And what if the little pishers aren’t happy with my sweets?? Are they really going to tee pee my house using the toilet paper their parents probably bought from Costco?

Probably not. But you can rely on Jonathan Ross to go all out for Halloween. Living in Hampstead Heath, the TV show host has notoriously put on some crazy Halloween parties including turning his house into a gothic castle and covering the house in a giant spiders web.





My Halloween Verdict

I hoped that the crazy wind from earlier this week would have blown them away but with Halloween in the middle of half-term, I expect the trick or treaters to be out and about. And before you know it, the Halloween decorations will be gone and the Christmas decorations will be up. Don’t worry though, we have an early Chanukah to look forward to which starts on November 27th!

G-d Bless you my boobalahs,

The Jewish Mother

Mazel Tov to Anne Estella Crook who has won 4 tickets to take her family to the Jewish Living Expo this Sunday!! I will be in touch later today! For more info on the Jewish Living expo, CLICK HERE



Bitstrips – The New Craze??

You may have noticed lots of people putting cartoons of themselves on Facebook. You aren’t imagining it. Its called Bitstip and it lets you make funny cartoons of yourself and share them with you friends! This is one I came up with when my site was hacked earlier this week. Click here to give Bitstrip a try!


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