What is Grayzoo???


Hello my Boobalahs,

I noticed several yummy mummies sharing videos from Grayzoo recently and I had no idea what it was and decided to delve a little deeper. Whilst our husbands are trying to invest in the next biggest Cryptocurrency (and BitCohen springs to mind), our toddlers have become fixated with another type of tech and it is the iPad!

Even Michael McIntyre has his own shtick on how kids are glued to their iPads and it is the ultimate game-changer to get your kids to keep quiet at a dinner table. Well it seems that Grayzoo does just that. For those that have felt that Peppa Pig was too much trief, Grayzoo offers these cute nursery rhymes with colourful characters like Lenny the Lion and Gina the Giraffe.


Is there a Jewish Connection?

After doing a bit of investigating, I found out that the creator of these videos is in fact Jewish, but they have asked to be anonymous – DON’T YOU HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT??? says the anonymous Jewish Mother….

But a lot of the songs resemble old Yiddish tunes and nursery rhymes – there is a familiar feeling of Hava Nagilah and Baruch Hagever.

And who knows, maybe the next videos will include Haim the Hippo and Shoshana the Sheep.

Please Share

Here is the link to share: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzPAEGH0IQ-KtE7R2KWL9pg

If you have any toddlers or gorgeous Grankids, send them the links that they will love. For sleepy parents, there is also a lullaby version to send kids to sleep – except I think in some cases, it sends the parents to sleep first!!!

G-d Bless You My Boobalahs,

The Jewish Mother