Uber driver named Hashem goes viral + Competition Winners


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Baltimore-native Josh Becker got a little more than he bargained for recently when he picked up an Uber. The app, which tells you the name of your driver before it approaches, said the name of the driver was Hashem! This was shared all over Facebook and sparked attention from across the globe.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and for years we’ve been asking for the Moshiach …. we just didn’t think he’d arrive in an Uber – and on that note he was probably drinking a Starbucks, listening to an iPod and eating a rainbow bagel.

Also, he arrived in a Toyota Camry – don’t get me wrong, I love the modesty, but would have expected something a bit more energy-saving or electric hybrid like a Prius.


What I think about Uber

To be honest, I’ve been schlepping my kids around for decades and they never made an app about me (although there’s talk around the water filter that they’ll be a Jewish Mother app in Autumn 2016).

I’m convinced that Jews schlepp the most out of all religions. We schlepp our kids, we schlepp to the high street, we’re always in the middle of schlepping to something. I just think its nice we’ve jazzed it up with a funky German name (going back to our Ashkenazic roots).

What I really think about the Hashem Uber driver

We can all have a yuchner about the Uber driver being named Hashem but for me this goes much deeper. And I don’t mean to go all Aish on you folk but looking at the bigger picture, Jews believe that Hashem is everywhere. When something good happens in life, we thank Hashem and when things are bad, we pray to Hashem. So for me, this is just a reminder that Hashem is just round the corner and always has our back in every situation. We just needed a bit of a reminder with some modern technology. Think about it.

G-d Bless you my boobalahs,

The Jewish Mother

Competition Winners –  The Social Kitchen

I’m completely overwhelmed by the response we had for this competition, especially from Israel, South Africa and Australia. Shally Tucker who the book was dedicated to, was clearly a very popular Jewish Mother and this book is a fantastic tribute.

A hearty mazel tov to Elissa Rubins, Tracey Krieger and Amanda Rush Edwards for winning a book each (worth £25). Please send me an email with your address and I will have one sent to you asap!

You can still buy the book here if you want!