TV Review: The Beauty and the Baker


Hello my boobalahs,

For those of you that know me, I love binge-watching TV. Whether its Suits, Downton Abbey, Homeland and dare I say ‘Orange is the New Black’ – I love cosying up on the sofa and watching a good series.

I had the joy of watching ‘Beauty and The Baker’ on Channel 4 this week and as an up and coming Israeli TV drama on our screens, I wanted to give you my side of the spiel.

The Premise

Its starts with gorgeous young man called Amos (The Baker) who lives and works with his loud, brash, very Sephardi family. Everything is geared up for a special meal with his long-term girlfriend of 9 years and the question is whether he will or will not propose. Whilst working in the family bakery (and yes, I was eyeing up the Bamba), their eyes are drawn to a TV screen of a beautiful young Israel girl (The Beauty). Her name is Noa Hollander, an heiress, model, socialite and basically the IT girl of the moment (think Bar Rafaeli) and she has just broken up with her hunk of a boyfriend (who played Smith in Sex and the City, I hope we see him again!)


Next, Amos is in the super posh restaurant with his girlfriend who is the epitome of a Jewish Princess (and if my son brought her home for Shabbos, he would have another thing coming!). She marches into the restaurant, orders the most expensive things whereas Amos can barely afford the soup and mentions all his allergies so hopefully he can avoid paying for anything other than free bread.


Amos is overwhelmed by the prospect of proposing, wondering whether he should propose and be miserable for the rest of life or break up with her and she’ll probably make him miserable anyway. He goes to compose himself in the bathroom and is talking to himself, weighing up the situation. Remarkably, the IT-girl Noa Hollander has been in the toilet cubicle the whole time and has heard everything. Completely disinterested that she is in the wrong sex toilet, she humours and flirts with Amos.

Amos returns to his chair where his beloved Jewish Princess has gathered violists and alas, starts proposing to him, gaining the attention of the entire room. Amos declines, much to the amusement of beauty queen Noa sitting in the corner with her entourage. The rejected Princess throws the pretentious soup at Amos saying “I want to get married Amos, we diet, get married, have kids, diet again, this is life!” and storms out.

Now it gets interesting ….

As Amos is leaving the restaurant and walking home, the Beauty Noa, drives past and invites him to a nightclub. He cannot believe his luck. They hop from club to club, even abseiling on a giant billboard of herself and really hit it off ….. only for her to ditch him at the end of the night and a strong exchanging of words.


But the previews for next week show that Noa is smitten, she loves that someone finally stood up to her – so will their relationship progress and put Amos in the limelight?

Why I like the show

This simple love story of beautiful girl and simple handsome boy is a perfect love story and has drawn several comparisons to Notting Hill (and even my own life, although my husband won’t admit to it!)

It is great to see Israel on the main stage, on prime television and it shows the country in a very positive light – good looking people, sophisticated food culture, buzzing nightlife and I love hearing the Hebrew. Those classes of Ulpan I did for all those years are paying off, beyond just understanding ‘Shalom’ and ‘Toda.’ A nice word that came up a lot is ‘Kef’ which just means ‘cool.’

The show is modern, engaging and something that will keep me connected with Israel. Just such a shame I haven’t been in so many years, wish my husband wasn’t such as schnorrah (hint, hint).

Where you can watch it

All episodes are available online or TV on Channel 4.

You can watch the first episode here

You can actually watch the entire season online, so you can wait until every Tuesday at 10pm on Channel 4 or watch the whole show here.

You can watch the trailer here:

I will probably put it in my Sky+ Planner.

Let me know if you have been watching and what you think!

G-d Bless you my boobalahs,

The JM

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