My Top Ten Highlights of 2012!!!


Shanah Tovah everyone! I hope you had a nice New Years Eve. I find the whole evening so stressful! I was going crazy trying to organise ‘the perfect night’ and that gets even harder when people are constantly asking you ‘so what are you doing for New Years Eve??’ Very annoying!

I ended up just having a quiet evening in with some friends and that is good enough for me! We watched the fireworks on TV and they were AMAZING! I thought they were going to go the Shnorrah route and use the ‘left-over’ fireworks from the Oy-lmpics but lo and behold, they splashed out on the celebrations like a Tony Page Barmy at the Dorch’.

So 2012 has been quite a year indeed and today I give you my top 10 highlights of the year!!!

In no particular order…

1. The Queen’s Jew-bilee

2. Jewish Mum of the Year – ( you either loved it or you hated it!)



3.  Jack Aizenberg’s moving story about his experiences during The Holocaust on Strictly Kosher.



4. Aly Raisman wins Gold at the Oy-lmypics with her gymnastics routine to Hava-Nagila



5. It’s 50 Shades of Oy-Vey which got women all over the world very interested indeed!! This is Colin Dunsby, runner-up of my Jewish Dog of the Year competition – how cute!


6. Lola’s Cupcakes opened in Brent Cross!


7. A Lion was spotted in Essex! (OK .. so it turned out to be a cat… not sure if it was some cats or the Katz family that live in Chigwell!)


8. A guy with a Jewish name jumped from outer space onto the Earth! OK .. so Felix Baumgarter isn’t really Jewish.. Even if he was, his Jewish Mummy would NEVER let him jump out of space. I can hear her cries now: “Felixxxx, I don’t want you jumping from so high. If everybody else was jumping off a bridge would you do it too!??!”


9. The Queen and “Double Oy-7” introduced The Olympics! This isn’t very Jewish, but it was SO funny! (Who’s the random skinny guy?!)


10. My Spiel!

This has certainly been the highlight of my year. I started my spiel in the beginning of January 2012 and I even remember on New Years Eve that I was getting ready to publish my first spiel and I wondered how people would react to it and if anyone would even read it!!

One year later and I’ve received 40,000 visitors from across the globe. The spiel has brought me some great fans but, more importantly, friends. I love reading your comments and chatting to you guys on Facebook and Baruch Hashem may it continue!!


Things to look forward to in 2013 

-We welcome in the new Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mervis. We wish him the best of luck and say a big thank you to our out-going Mensch, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

-The new JCC on the Finchley Road will be opening this Autumn and will be called JW3 (because Finchley is located in NW3). The new JW3 will create a great sense of community for us offering talks, lectures, arts and leisure.

-Silverman’s have opened a new Deli in Edgware called Simply Deli– you must go!

-My fave restaurant Delisserie has finally opened in Stanmore!

-ROYAL BABY! Very excited about this one. That’s right. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby!! Actually, who cares?! Prince Wills and Kate are far more important and can’t wait to see their boobalah!

So here’s to a happy 2013 everyone! May this year bring you love, nachas and plenty of mazel!

G-d Bless,

The Jewish Mother

A hearty Mazel-Tov to Natasha Hodes for winning last week’s competition!! You have a beautiful packet of Parev Chocolate Truffles coming your way thanks to amazing Kosher Caterer Carole Sobell!!!


Just to let you know, I have some VERY exciting competitions coming up including vouchers for the new Delisserie in Stanmore, Lola Cupcakes in Brent Cross, Jewellery, Theatre tickets and of course, the free flights to Israel with EL AL!!

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  1. Andie the vampire

    Hoping that this year brings everyone exactly what they want including some prizes from you tattelah. Just let it be a healthy one with good news, fun and laughter.

  2. Laura Dunsby

    Dear Jewish Mother,

    Loved all of your spiels , and totally agree with your Highlights of 2012 – and a big thank you from my dog Colin Dunsby Lynes who came in at number 5 and is currently looking to set up tutoring sessions for other dogs who are interested in learning to read…

  3. Marlene

    Happy New Year to you and everyone out there.
    Great Speil JM. I love the Fifty Shades Dog, and the bit about the queen, the skinny guy is definately not Jewish as he would never be so skinny. He should go for a good fress up maybe to Delisserie in Stanmore for some chicken soup with the chopped liver and egg and onion!!
    Marlene xxx


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