The Jewish Living Expo is Happening on 3rd November!


Hello my boobalahs!

A hearty Mazel Tov to Marc Shoffman, John Jacob Lyons and Sandra Ernstoff for winning last week’s competition! You have each won a bottle of wine from “The Wine Man” in Edgware because you came up with the best “Jewish Mother Whines.”

1st Place – Marc Shoffman

“Why aren’t you the boss yet??” (Threatens to call employer)

2nd Place – John Jacob Lyons

““I see that Ike Duchy’s wife has a new fur-coat”

3rd Place – Sandra Ernstoff

“I broke my leg”


Mazel Tov my darlings! I will be in touch shortly.

Exciting news! The Jewish Living Expo is coming up on 3rd November!

The Jewish Living Expo is happening on 3rd November at Wembley Stadium! Its a great way to schmooze and see different Simcha bands, entertainers, food and more!

The word on the shtetl is that this year’s expo is going to be bigger and better than any before, expecting over 10,000 people. The Jewish News are running the show with Nick Ferrari as the host and they’ve got some real machers involved this year. So I thought I would give you a run down of who’s going to be there and who I’m looking forward to seeing.



1. Moni Tivony

Now Moni Tivony sounds like a type of Italian fashion designer – imagine walking down the high street wearing your Moni Tivonys and matching bag. But alas, Moni Tivony is not a type of shoewear, he’s a singer, and what a singer! Moni rose to fame on last season of  “The Voice” and he wowed the judges with his Jewish Jamaican sound. Click here to watch his audition.

2. Francine Lewis

Francine got to the final of last season’s Britain’s Got Talent with her famous impressions of Alan Carr, Cheryl Cole and Stacey Solomon.

3. Stacey Solomon

This is the real Stacey Solomon. But I wonder if its going to be awkward with Francine doing impressions of her! Maybe Stacey can do impressions of Francine? Ohmig-d! Stacey will be showing off her X factor voice for the crowd.

4. Mark Maier

This Jewish comedian is hilarious! He warmed up the crowd at the ZF 65 Israel Concert earlier this year and his jokes were brilliant – I was in stitches and I’m looking forward to seeing him the most!

5. Denise Phill ips

What would a nice Jewish event be without some fantastic Jewish Cooking?! I’m looking forward to learning a thing a two with Denise.

Other guests include  fertility expert Lord Robert Winston, Fleet Street legend and former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie and the new Chief Rabbi.

So look forward to seeing you there my boobalahs! Tickets are £8 for adults and £6 for children, CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS



Competition – 4 Free Tickets!

The Jewish News have kindly sponsored 4 tickets for The Jewish Living Expo! To enter, please share the following picture on my Facebook page – CLICK HERE

G-d Bless you my boobalahs,

The Jewish Mother x



  1. Susan Karmel

    My whine is going to be “why did I not win the whine competition”!!
    Seriously big congratulations to all the winners! Going to open a nice bottle of red now to start shabbat!!

    Shabbat Shalom

  2. Sandra Ernstoff

    Thanks for choosing my entry. Looking forward to sharing the wine with my mother who will be horrified that I shared that story!


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