If there’s one thing Jewish mothers do, it’s—OK, Jewish mothers do everything. And somewhere in between preparing great meals and insisting we’re somehow still too skinny, they have a way with keeping family and Jewish traditions alive. There’s nothing quite like a family menorah that’s been passed down generation to generation. Authentic, high-quality Jewish presents can be hard to find, but definitely worth the search, which is why Your Holy Land Store is proud to offer the best Judaica in our online store for clients around the globe.

So, whether shopping for your daughter, mother, or boohbah, here are just a few pieces of Judaica which are perfect give and get as gifts.


Part of what has helped the Jewish people survive and thrive over the millennia is its delicate and unique balance between tradition and innovation. That balancing act extends into literature (the depictions of traditional Yiddish life by Isaac Bashevis Singer vs. the uproarious social satire of Jewish-American life by Philip Roth) and film (“Tradition” in Fiddler on the Roof vs. embracing new musical and cultural innovations in The Jazz Singer…we’ll let you choose which one, the original or Neil Diamonds “attempt”) and so on. We work to keep that balance alive, offering items which are both traditional and variations thereon, everything from traditional mezuzahs and Shabbat wear and fine Israeli crafts to bold new pieces of Jewish-themed Jewelry, wedding gifts, and much more.   In addition, we likewise offer items specific to different Jewish holidays, so if you’re shopping for something sweet come Purim or find yourself needing a new Hanukkah menorah, look no further.

A couple of our hottest items include…

Kabbalah Red String Braceletkabballah-bracelet

There are few figures in Kabballah and Classical Judaism is more important or resonant than Rachel. She is one of the most renowned matriarchs in literary and cultural history, with her role in Genesis as a leading social figure, wife of Jacob and mother of Joseph and Benjamin. According to tradition, a red string was wound around her tomb seven times, the place at which Joseph prayed, and which in turn is classically seen as a place of great spiritual and familial love and faith. The deep bond between mother and daughter is embodied in Rachel and Joseph, making this Red String Bracelet an understated yet special way of making that bond new again.

Sterling Silver Shema Yisrael Pendantshema-bracelet

Pendants are a particularly versatile gift, lovely on their own and all the more so when paired with a bracelet, like our aforementioned Red String Bracelet above. This pendant, fashioned from gleaming 925 Sterling Silver and measuring 2.5×2.5cm/1x1inch, features the letters which make up the all-important Shema Yisrael—”Shema Yisrael Adonai Elokeinu Adonai Echad,” meaning “Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One”—clustered together.





$25 Gift Certificate for spending at Your Holy Land Store

Let’s be honest—sometimes, you just don’t know what to get someone. Still, you want to show a greater degree of thoughtfulness than just giving money. Gift certificates are perfect for such situations.

It’s your religion, your culture, your Jewish identity—and at Your Holy Land Store, we have just the thing to help you keep it aflame for seasons to come.