New Year’s Resolutions!!!


Happy New Year everyone! With the new calendar year comes new year’s resolutions and they’re likely to be one of the following two:

1. Lose Weight

2. Get fit

So they’re basically the SAME resolutions as last year. The losing weight part seems to be top of my list every year. I’ve tried some meshunagah things in the past to lose weight. I once gave up bread for a month – also known as “The Pesach Diet.” My other dieting escapades include making my plates smaller and putting a scale next to the chocolate cupboard as a chutzpadik way to say: “Eat Less”

I won’t even start on my husband’s diet. My husband’s  diet started 25 years ago and involves fasting before weddings to fit into his 15 year old dinner suit. Enough said! I guess my cooking doesn’t help the process but he pays £70 a month for a gym card that’s going mouldy!

The one year, he ‘invested’ in a gym bike which basically became the most expensive clothes hanger in history!

But there are people who can do it … Did you hear about ex-Immanuel College teacher Michael Drucker from Edgware? He lost 14 stone in 2 years through dieting and running every day with some advice from Slimming World. OY GEVALT!

There’s also Rosalind Bluestone, a Jewish Mother from Borehamwood, who has lost 3 stone in the last year (talk about sticking to a New Year’s Resolution!) She joined Slimming World and said her success was due to eating better throughout the year. KOL HAKAVOD!

In fact, Rosalind has just started some dieting classes in Radlett every Thursday night. If you’re interested, CLICK HERE to send her an email. If you mention me you’ll get £5 off each week!



Now I’m not the slimmest person in the world but there are some things that I do know about dieting:

-Eating skinny muffins does not make you skinny

-Diet Coke should not be part of your diet

-And if you want to lose a few pounds, GIVE TZEDAKAH!!!!

G-d Bless you my boobalahs,

The Jewish Mother


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