Who’s idea was it to open a Mini-Golf in Edgware anyway???


Post courtesy of SPF.

So I haven’t written a spiel in months but an exotic Flintstone-inspired Mini-Golf opening in North-West-London is definitely Spiel-worthy!

Last bank holiday weekend, our friends asked us to join them at the new Mini Golf in Edgware, just off the A41. I’m not usually one for golf, but any schmuck can play Mini-Golf right? No doubt my husband couldn’t wait to show off – he only plays golf for 4 hours-a-week and sometimes two or three times a week. I call him to ask how work is but he’s clearly on the golf course: “ARE YOU AT DYRHAM AGAIN???” Yet he explains that ‘this is where a lot of work happens.’ Yes, I’ll be working at The Grove’s Spa next weekend my dear!!!

The Wait To Open

I remember driving past this Mini-Golf course on several occasions and for months and months it said that is was under construction and ‘opening in the summer.’ It looked like the most elaborate Mini Golf ever created with different levels.


But for months it looked ready and the suspense was killing us. May came around, June came around and it was still not open. We wondered whether something was wrong with it or whether this was some genius marketing ploy to keep us waiting.

Every Jew in town suddenly becomes a Dragon from Dragon’s Den:

“A mini-golf course in Edgware?? They’re overspending on overheads. Its too seasonal.”

Boy were they wrong.

When The Place Opened

When the place opened, people were rushing in like grabbing food at a Kiddush (just enough to consist of a lunch and make it to Spurs in time).

Remarkably, whether you have been or not, the amount of traffic it has brought to the area is unbelievable! It is a main throughfare between Edgware, Stanmore, Elstree, Bushey and Watford and every schmucko driver feels the need to slow down their car and check the place out.

And who can blame them, its the most bizarre and eye catching manifestation known to man! A bright blue waterfall? How do they even do that?

Not to mention you have people constantly turning in and out and there have been several accidents – yes, mini golf related road accidents!


The queues to play were on another level – people cannot get enough of this place. Now who’s having the last laugh? Not sure if you’re aware, but the tribe don’t like to queue that much … Meanwhile my husband turns into the Jewish accountant like a Jackie Mason sketch – well if each person spends £10 and then have over 1000 people a week – that’s £10,000!

All I can say is that this Mini-Golf place is here to stay and good on them for some entrepreneurial spirit! Personally, I’ll wait until the winter to go back so I don’t have to queue and can have the place all to myself and maybe I’ll take a de-tour to avoid the traffic!!

What are your thoughts on this place??

G-d Bless,

The JM