Who is Julius Dein???


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Hello my boobalahs,

I keep seeing these videos pop up on my Facebook newsfeed and they always seen to include the same naughty individual – Julius Dein.

Thinking that he looks like he’s a tribe member from North West London, I thought I would do some digging around. Other than being in his early 20s, went to JFS and might be a relative of the Arsenal owning Dein family (kenahora!), the boy has chutzpah to kill.

Julius is a video prankster who goes around the tube and parts of London pulling pranks on the public. The boy is hot property having reached over 1.5 million likes on Facebook (only a few more than me!) and some of his videos have got over 26 million views!

I’m not gonna lie, some of his material is not kosher in the slightest but some of my favourite videos include Julius pretending to throw up on a busy train and watching the passengers move like the parting of the Red Sea is very funny indeed  (and very apt for this time of year!). Other funny videos include falling asleep on train passengers and going up to random men and calling them his father. Something very Sasha Baron Cohen-esque about it all.

You can see more videos here but this is not for the faint-hearted!!!

As a Jewish Mother, my advice to Julius would be that is all very funny but one day, just one day my boy, you will go too far … (hopefully you won’t fall asleep on my husband, he won’t appreciate it!)

So if any of you see this boychick, be aware! You might on camera and shown to millions of people. And who knows, he could be a film one day and at least you saw him here first!

G-d Bless you my boobalahs!

The Jewish Mother

Pesach is 1 week away!

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