Jews and Tattoos!


Hello my darlings,

The British Summer is a bit like the moschiach – you wait and wait but you’re never sure if he is really going to show. Anyway, with the British Summer finally rearing its head, I’m noticing more and more people with tattoos – and Jews too!

Especially if you go round a pool or beach this summer, whether its Israel, Portugal or Spain, you will see more and more tattoos.

In my day, tattoo was taboo – you would never see it amongst the tribe but the likes of David Beckham, Amy Winehouse and now Justin Bieber (hardly a role model) have changed public perceptions and now its seen as “fashionable.”

Not for me …

Personally, its not for me. I just think tattoos look a bit common, especially if you pronounce them “tat oo.”

Bearing in mind that my cousin, the dentist, (had to throw in the dentist bit!) says 9/10 people are scared of needles or injections, yet, they are happy to get an entire sleeve of tattoos on their arms (which takes hours by the way) or all over their back. DUFFKA!

Some people consider tattoos as “art” which I can appreciate ….. but I never saw Chagall or Monet do any tattoos!




There is also the long term issue for me. Getting “YOLO” tattooed on your body might seem like a good idea now, but what about when you’re 80??

My son has been talking about getting a tattoo but I am very much against it – even if he gets a “Mum” tattoo, its not my idea of nachas!

Its also against the religion! (Some say..)

Getting tattoos is also against Judaism – as the Torah says you shouldn’t mutilate your body. But this seems to encourage people to want to get them – DUFFKA!

Some Jewish cemeteries won’t bury you if you have a tattoo, which I suppose is not something you consider when you’re alive…. but I’ll never forget the episode of Curb Your Enthusiam when Larry finds out that his late mother wasn’t buried in a Jewish cemetery because she had a tattoo on her tuchus! (source: read here)

But if tattoos become more common, what can we do! There’s even a new hairdresser in Borehamwood (the new Edgware/home of the Jews) called Hair Inc which offers hairdressing and tattoos – probably not at the same time! Its a great salon by the way.

Who knows, we’ve had Pizza and Parsha, maybe we’ll have Torah and Tattoos next!

G-d Bless you my boobalahs!

The Jewish Mother

By the way, Shavuot starts on the evening of Saturday 11th June and finishes on the evening of Monday 13th June! Chag Sameach everyone!