Meet the Jewish Mums of the Year!!


Hello my darlings! Here are the 8 finalists chosen by Channel 4 and The Jewish News to star in “Jewish Mum of the Year Award“!!

The first episode airs on Tuesday 9th October on Channel 4 at 9pm. 

These lovely women may not mean too much to you right now but come Tuesday night, trust me, you will know EXACTLY who each of these women are. Everyone is going to be talking about these women over the next few weeks in what can only be described as ‘the mother of all competitions’!!!

The Jewish News have selected mums that are from completely opposite ends of the spectrum including the young and fun secular mum Emma Beck to the more observant and traditional Ruth Plaut.


Ones to watch!

If you want my opinion, two to look out for are Emma Beck and Tracy Joel.

Emma Beck

Emma Beck is your young and fun mum from Radlett, North-West London.  

Is it Emma Beck or Emma Beckham? She has the husband who is a Maccabiah footballer and coincidently has 5 kids each with very Beckham-like names including September and Gypsy. Emma is remarkable. She dedicates her entire life to her kids, shlepping them from this place to that place. It’s quite rare that you see a secular Jewish mum with 5 children so the fact that she has probably been through every Jewish Mother scenario possible makes her a VERY strong contestant!

Tracy Joel

Tracy is 42 and lives in Buckhurst Hill in Essex. The mother of two young girls is a divorcee and liberal Jew who observes the high holy days. What impressed me about Tracy is that she is so down to earth. She’s not the stereotype Jewish Mum who loves to cook and bake, but in each task, she shows that she is very under control and is very happy to just get on with things.

You will never believe it but Tracy found out about the show when taking her friend for a Birthday pedicure at David Lloyd in Chigwell (if you live in NW London, you probably go The Village!) There was a woman from Channel 4 with a clipboard who was trying to recruit for the show and discover some hidden talent. The woman started speaking to Tracy and knew instantly that Tracy had something special.



The Other Mums!

Louisa Walters

Louisa Walters, 43, is your very sophisticated Jewish Mother from North West London. Louisa is an aspiring journalist, a loving mother of 2 and teaches her children to be warm, kind and generous.

What I like about Louisa is that she has a business mind – she is in fact launching a website this week about ‘finding your dream wedding dress.’ With a business brain, top-notch cooking skills and gift of working with people, Louisa is definitely a mum to look out for! Louisa has actually been a fan of my spiel since I began so of course, she is one of my favourites!!


Jacqueline Curzon

Jacqueline, 48 from Edgware, is an orthodox mother of six – ranging from a 14-year-old to two-year-old twin girls. Jacqueline wants to win Jewish Mum of the Year because she feels there is not a family situation, good and bad, that she hasn’t been through.

She never sits still and even though she has to juggle her own career as a musician with her family life she refuses to cut corners.



Lesley Berber 

Top of the morning to you! Lesley, 45, is an Irish Jew!  Talk about a rare breed! She says there is just one shop in the whole country where she can buy Jewish food. Now separated, Lesley feels that as long as her daughters have a strong Jewish identity then she has done her job as mother well.

Lesley is a serious mum-trepreneur. She started her own company called Babypotz ( little pots in baby portion sizes that parents use to store their own homemade baby food) HOW CLEVER! She currently works as a marketing manager for an event hire company – talk about a serious businesswoman!

Her first task is to bake a Barmitzvah cake with Tracy for 174 people – but will they see eye-to-eye on this??




Maxine Elias

Bubbly red head Maxine, 40, from Hendon keeps a strictly kosher home and has recently had the latest gadgets fitted, including two state of the art ovens, a Shabbat drawer and concealed washbasin in the dining room.

Don’t expect things to be straight forward when Maxine has to pair up with another mum to prepare food for the Barmitzvah. Will she be able to work with another mum who doesn’t have a great knowledge of Kashrut?!



Ruth Plaut

This is a 50 year old mother from from North London. She got a lot more religious as she got older but this is your real, other end of the extreme, frum mother. Ruth sports the black sheitel throughout the show – we kind of have the same hairstyle!!

She met her Israeli husband when she worked at the famous Kosher restaurant Blooms and now they have a daughter. Now a single mum Ruth is incredibly close to her daughter and would be horrified if she married out of the faith.



Sandi Firth

65 year old Sandi from Leeds is a bit of the dark horse of the competition. The glamorous twice divorced granny is in fact the eldest mum in the competition. Having survived two marriages, Sandi hasn’t given up on finding true love and is now dating 68 year old Victor.


Sandi is very independent,  she brought up her two children on her own. But it’s Sandi’s sense of humour and bubbliness that would make her a great agony aunt for The Jewish News!


So there it is! My breakdown of the candidates for Jewish Mums of the Year!

A hearty MAZEL TOV to Louisa Kaprow, Ollie Davis, Nicole Gordon, Juliette Santos and Charlotte Singer for winning last week’s competition! You have £20 worth of vouchers coming your way from MeLoveSushi!!! I’ll send you a message soon!

Make sure you read tomorrow’s spiel for a full-preview of the first episode with exclusive inside info from some of the mums! I am also launching probably the BIGGEST competition I have ever run – The Ultimate Jewish Mother hamper!

See you tomorrow!

G-d Bless you my boobalahs,

The Jewish Mother

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    1. The Jewish MotherThe Jewish Mother Post author

      Thanks Marley!! I am very excited about tomorrow too – the Jewish mum of the year competition, my own competition! Cant wait!! X

  1. Nicole

    Agh thank you- I won my first ever competition !!!! Will enjoy whilst watching an episode
    of The Jewish Mum of the Year !!

  2. pensionlawyeruk

    *sigh* no Sarf Lundin Jewish mothers I see…not that I would qualify as I’m not a mother but it’s the principle innit??? :-)

      1. Aine O'Neill

        If you’re talking about the candidates Jacqueline Curzon is Scottish so for myself as a Scot of Irish descent I’m glad Jacqueline entered, however I was gutted that the Irish candidate had to leave.

  3. Bernice Davis

    Hi JM Thanks for bring my son Ollie into the world of the JM. He was so excited to win. Thats 2 of my family who have now won! Just wondering why you did not decide to enter the Jewish Mum of the Year award. Comments please x

    1. The Jewish Mother

      Hi Bernice! So thrilled for your son, he’s such a darling!!

      Funny, a lot of people have asked why I wasn’t on the show. Im not a fan of all the massive publicity, it can go horribly wrong.

      But also, I want to keep my identity secret still for the moment but I love writing my spiel and want to do it for as long as possible!!

      Thank you so much for following my spiel!!

      G-d Bless

      The JM xxx


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