IS Borehamwood the New Edgware??


Is Borehamwood the new Edgware??

Now I don’t know if you’ve been to Borehamwood recently but I think it might be the new Edgware! If you were anybody, you used to live in Edgware and used to hang out around Edgware Station on Saturday nights.  All the schmoozers used to go to places like Loppylugs, Dino’s, Patsy’s and Brady Maccabi.

So Edgware used to be the place for every Jew and his cockapoo. But move over Edgware! After a recent trip Borehamwood, I couldn’t BELIEVE the number of tribe members per capita.  Has Borehamwood replaced Edgware as the ultimate NW London shtetl???

Why Borehamwood is the new shtetl

Despite having the word HAM right in the middle of it, Borehamood is a very Jew-friendly environment. The Borehamwood retail park is perfect! Lots of FREE parking and it has a big Marks and Spencers, a Pets at Home and not only do they have a Starbucks AND a Costa Coffee, they are only 43 SECONDS AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!!!




Borehamwood understands Chutzpah!!

Clearly B-wood is used to having Jews and knows how to use chutzpah to their advantage. I couldn’t help but laugh at this very chutzpadik sign outside Elstree and Borehamwood Station. This sign was put up by the NHS asking for blood donations. I can even hear a bunch of Jewish Mothers saying it!!


Also, Borehamwood is shwarma-friendly…

Let’s Meat (it’s a play on words) is a nice little Kosher deli/shwarma joint and is perfect for your shwarma needs! And afterwards you can go to the Reel Cinema which is schnorrah friendly – it’s not exactly business class but you can still go see a film for £5 or less!! There’s also a Gala Bingo – there are other places to play Bingo than on a Jew-cruise you know!!

In conclusion! The retail park, the cinema, the food, Borehamwood has really made itself Jew-friendly! Oh yes, there’s also lots of Jewish schools nearby like JPS and Herstmere, a couple of Synagogues and there’s an overground which takes you to town in 20 minutes – (probably should mention that too!!!)

G-d Bless you my boobalahs!

The Jewish Mother xx

A hearty MAZEL TOV to Nicole Myers, Gitta Zarum and Shoshana Burns for winning last week’s competition! (I will be in touch later today!) They have each won a stunning bouquet of treats from Fruity Party ( In case you don’t know, Fruity Party make gorgeous bouquets of chocolates, marshmallows and fruits. Its all Kosher and its all GORGEOUS and perfect for gifts and simchas! CLICK HERE to see their stuff!


Also, a hearty MAZEL TOV to our amazing Team GB for winning 6 Golds, 7 Silvers and 18 Bronze medals at the Maccabiah! Thank you for the nachas!!!









  1. Andie

    Sorry I missed last week`s spiel but was busy with the JCHF. Borehamwood definitely the new Edgware I especially like the Reel cinema because of the price and the seats are quite comfortable.

  2. George and Heather

    We love Borehamwood. Have coffee with our son there on occasion, shopping with our granddaughter at M & S & shmooze around with our daughter in law. It is a nice feeling, easy parking,nice shops. Can understand why the tribe likes it. Good Shabbos JM

  3. Denise Lederman

    I am writing this whilst still in sunny Tel Aviv having personally shlapped nachus watching not only my sons take part in the GB Open Cricket team (and win a bronze medal!) but other sportsmen from across the world at this year’s Maccabeah Games. All I can say is WOW! If you know of any Jewish sportsmen or women who are good at their sport, please let them know now to keep July 2017 free so they too can experience this amazing experience


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