Are you good at complaining??? **TV Participants Needed!!!**


Hello my darlings!

A TV production company called Dragonfly have asked me if I know any people good at complaining. Such chutzpah!!! How dare they assume that just because I am Jewish Mother that I am good at complaining!

But who am I kidding?! I know lots of people good at complaining, myself included. Now obviously you complain more than the average if you use EE or Virgin Media but actually my chevra complain every day of the week. When I go to a restaurant with friends it’s usually a case of “this table is too small, this food is too cold and what do you mean you’re out of fish balls???”

I always think its great for waiters and waitresses to have Jewish customers because it really tests their customer service. And not to mention, that if you keep asking for things, its a good way to keep the staff busy so you’re technically helping them do their job!

Anywho, Dragonfly are putting together a TV show for Channel 4 on interesting examples of complaining. Have a look at the information below and get in touch if you’re interested!!!



G-d Bless you my boobalahs,

The Jewish Mother

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  1. Lavinia

    My grandpa would’ve got on that show if he was still alive today! He used to write tons of letters of complaint to whoever if he wasn’t satisfied with anything

    1. The Jewish Mother

      Absolutely!!! Am sure he would have been great!

      And then complained about it afterwards lol!

      Thank you for reading my spiel!

      G-d Bless,

      The Jewish Mother


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