Exclusive Interview with Sandi Firth – Winner of Jewish Mum of the Year!!


The winner of Jewish Mum of the Year is Sandi Firth!

Mazel Tov Sandi on your achievement!! In last night’s episode Sandi fought off 7 other mums (not literally!) to be crowned Jewish Mum of the Year. This also means that Sandi will become the new agony aunt of The Jewish News so she’ll be listening to all your problems and I can finally go on that holiday to Israel I’ve been planning!!!


Sandi Firth who won jewish mum of the year

Thank you so much to Sandi for this exclusive interview!!

First things first:

Chopped liver or herring: Herring!

Bagel or Chollah roll: Hmmm Bagel but soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside!

Salt Beef or Smoked Salmon: Smoked Salmon obviously!


OK, so tell me, how did you get involved in the show?

Well, I saw an advert in a magazine J-Life. This ad really spoke out to me, probably because it said “ARE YOU A JEWISH MOTHER??” And I said “Hey, I’m a Jewish Mother!!”

The competition sounded like a lot of fun and my daughters were really supportive so I went for it!


Who was your favourite mum of the show?

Hmmm. There were some mums that I really liked and some mums who I really didn’t like!! But mum’s the word!


So what was your favourite task on the show?

To be honest, I really didn’t have a favourite. They were all so gruelling and so challenging!

In episode 1, I had to make cocktails and fruit sculptures for 174 people! In episode 2, I had to deal with Daniel and Ruth (oy vey!!!). Episode 3 was hard work trying to entertain the oldies and episode 4 was seriously hard work for a kiddush!

It was a very challenging few weeks. Daniel and Ruth obviously gave me the toughest time. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way – it would have been boring otherwise!!

What did you discover about yourself during the programme?

During this show, I’ve found out that I can sculpt fruit (who knew!) I also discovered after  impressing the retirees on the bus that I’m not bad at magic . So yes, I can sculpt fruit and do magic, but I don’t think I’ll be trying match making again and I think you know why!!!

Anything else about the show?

Well not only were the tasks really challenging but we filmed everyday for 12-15 hours! That’s a really long day! They didn’t do our make up for us, we had to find time to do that ourselves. It’s not like we had much privacy during those days, it was very full on.

Having said that. It was extremely well organised. The production team and The Jewish News were fantastic.

What does the future hold for you?

Well it’s funny that you say that.  I’m going to be doing fruit sculpting at simchas!! I’ve even been booked for a Barmitzvah! (send me an email at oy@thejewishmother.co.uk if you would like to book Sandi!!)

Although I’m from Leeds, I’m going to stay in London for a bit, I like it here.

(Probably because you found Brent Cross my dear!)

On behalf of the entire community, I would like to wish Sandi a hearty Mazel Tov on winning the competition. Sandi was strong throughout, she was never rude and was a great contestant. Well done you!

Another hearty Mazel Tov to Melissa Langley Wise, Dena Addlestone and Janet Dunn Altman for winning a personalised bag each!!! You voted for Sandi to win and were selected from the prize draw! I will be in touch later today!!


Coming Soon!!!

A couple of people have been asking me about a Jewish Mother membership. Well, like many Jewish Mothers, I can’t say no! So membership will be coming soon! Watch this space!!


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    1. The Jewish MotherThe Jewish Mother Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it Susan!! Some others out there weren’t so fond of the show!!! Thank you reading my spiel my darling, but you never enter my competitions!! Have a go! x

      1. Susan Karmel

        They did well in selecting a group of very different types of Jewish women. I think we showed up well and agree with the editor of Jewish News with his comments in this weeks JN. My opinion (for what it is worth) is that the last episode (Friday night Dinner) is the best but I feel the winner should have been a younger woman and not a grandma! However they all did well and worked very hard. I will try my luck at your competitions soon x Shabbat Shalom

    1. The Jewish MotherThe Jewish Mother Post author

      WOW! Great find Naomi! Thank you, I’ve shared it for everyone else!

      Thank you for reading my spiel!


  1. Marley

    Hi JM,
    Loved the show and so happy Sandi won!
    The membership sounds very interesting.. Looking forward to hearing about it!
    All my love, Marlez xxxx

    1. The Jewish MotherThe Jewish Mother Post author

      Great Marley! So glad that you liked Sandi!

      And thank you for reading my spiel! Love reading your comments!


  2. Bronya Phillips

    I enjoyed the show too, it was only a bit of fun. Some are taking it far too seriously. Congrats to Sandi, she came accross very well (although I voted for Jacqueline!). Looking forward to seeing her in Jewish News.

    1. The Jewish MotherThe Jewish Mother Post author

      Exactly Bronya! Its just a bit of shtick at the end of the day!!

      Glad at least someone enjoyed the show!!

      Thank you for reading my spiel! I cant wait to see what she says in The Jewish News too!


  3. Nick

    Sandy, I think you are great! You really played the part well.
    Myself, I’d be too embarrassed, nu, maybe the word is ashamed, to perpetuate a racial and sexist stereo-type. You’d think, in politically correct England, that this sort of racial and gender discrimination would no longer be allowed.
    Well, you got the money, you’ll probably be on “Come Dancing” a regular celeb!. I just hope you won’t appear on Shabbat, Oy vey, my life already!

  4. Aine O'Neill

    The programme was entertaining and had a serious content too, I can think of only two mothers who I wouldn’t have wanted to win as they came across to me as childish in their behaviour and were pretty obnoxious. Sandy you richly deserved to win, you fought a hard contest and I hope this goes on to bigger and better things for you.

      1. Aine O'Neill

        I must also congratulate you JM on this great idea of your’s to have this marvellous little site. I know it’s a bit of tele at the end of the day but I feel it’s about time Jews were represented more on tv as apart from being God’s people their lives from the ultra frum to the secular is interesting and I’m sure gentiles will have a better insight into Judaism as I’m sure some gentiles view Jews especially the Charedi as an alien culture.


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