10 Ways You Know You Have a Jewish Dog


1. They sleep in your bed



2. They eat chicken soup



3. They have Jewish Dog toys



4. They eat Jewish food (or food which sounds Jewish)



5. They have their own seat at the Shabbos table



6. They’re always welcoming guests for Shabbos: “Come on in! We have bagels!”



7. Enjoys a good Schluff



8. They respond to Yiddish



9. You throw parties for them



10.They come first and the husband comes second


How did your dog score??

7-10 correct – Your dog is a full on tribe member. Your dog descends from Eastern Europe, is Glatt Kosher and goes to Shul every week. The dog is probably a Maltese, Bichon Frise, Labrador, Westie, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian or Schnauzer.

4-6 correct – Your dog is a semi-religious dog. Lives in NW London, only goes to shul on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and usually hangs around Mill Hill park. Probably a Poodle, Cockapoo, King Charles Cavalier, Dashchund or Jack Russell.

0-3 correct – Your dog is an honorary Jewish dog. Only goes to shul for Simchas, celebrates Christmas and can constantly be found in the neighbour’s garden eating their flowers. Likely to be a terrier, basset hound, staffie, bulldog or huskie.

Tell me your score below!!!



Mazel Tov to Sue Cash and Judy Weintraub for winning last week’s competition!!! You have a £20 voucher from The Delisserie coming your way! I’ll be in touch later today my loves!


Oh yes, its that time again and its my favourite part of my spiel – it The Jewish Dog Competition! After over receiving 100 gorgeous entries last year, I’ve got 10 great prizes for the best 10 dog pictures I receive!

This competition has kindly been sponsored by Medivet and Long Paws. The competition wouldn’t be possible without them! Long Paws (www.longpaws.co.uk) are a Jewish owned company that specialise in Dog Accessories. They deliver to your door are are very well-priced. Medivet, as you probably know, are also Jewish run and are one of the biggest and best vets in the UK.






1st Place – Some Jewish Dog Toys + £100 worth of vouchers from Medivet – can be used for toys, food, treatment

2nd and 3rd Place – £50 worth of vouchers from Medivet

1st-10th – will also receive a ‘package dog raincoat’ from Long Paws



What I want to see:

-Your dog sleeping in a funny position

-Your dog smiling

-Your dog dovening

-Your dog having a really good Shabbos!





To enter

Include: Picture of your dog and your dog’s name.

Send your pics via:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thejewishmother.co.uk

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jewishmotheruk

Email: jewishmother18@gmail.com



    1. The Jewish Mother

      Not bad Penelope!!! Sounds like I got it spot on!!

      Thanks again for taking part!

      G-d Bless

      The Jewish Mother xxx

    1. The Jewish Mother

      LOL!!! Glad you like it Marlene! He makes a fair point …

      I wonder what else he’s thinking …

      Thanks for your comment. Always love reading them xx

  1. Tracy McMillan

    We scored 8 out of 10, princess lola Dior & princess coco Chanel are most defiantly Jewish princesses!!
    My girls are gorgeous creamy white woodles..
    The absolute epitome of princesses, diamond collars, hair appointments every fortnight, nails clipped.. Smell of angel of course..
    My pride and joy!!!

    1. The Jewish Mother

      Sounds like a real Jewish Dog then!! And they sound precious!

      Could go for some of that treatment myself if you ask me.

      Can’t wait to see more photos of those two pups!

      G-d Bless

      The Jewish Mother xx

  2. Zena Ford

    The blue email address box above, to sign up, does not work. Please send me future spiels.

    My husband has sent you photos of our lobus, Missy Moo.

    Good shobbus,


    1. The Jewish Mother

      Thank you Zena my love for notifying me!! I have added you to the list and got this all sorted!

      I’m thrilled that you want to read my spiel :)

      G-d Bless

      The Jewish Mother

    1. The Jewish Mother

      Yes! Just received it! Thank you so much Jo – what a cutie!!

      Thanks for entering and stayed tuned for the winners being announced next week.

      G-d Bless

      The Jewish Mother x


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